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There are many ways to practice sex magick, and the ways you do will most likely be influenced by the lunar phase, and the zodiacal sign the Moon is in. But for a simple primer, work with the steps below. A note; take what works and leave the rest. Honor what’s already in your practice, path, and tradition. And always remember you don’t have to do anything that doesn’t feel right. You can also always add candle magick, sigil magick, prayer, or whatever else is in your practice to this ritual in a way that resonates with you.


- Before you begin, get clear on your intention, on why you’re practicing sex magick, and what you hope comes from this working. This is also when you will plan according to the lunar phase that supports this, keeping in mind the zodiacal sign the Moon (and Sun) are in at this time. You can also use the planetary days and hours to dive further into this. This is also when you will figure out if you want to practice sex magick solo or partnered, and if the latter, whether you want to share an intention or each have your own. If you’ve never practiced this sort of magick before, I suggest practicing solo first.


Keep in mind the calendar is talismanic- you may wish to use the energies of an image you resonate with in this calendar to center and draw in your intention, or use the ritual image associated with the lunation you're working with to supercharge your ceremony. 

- Once your intention is set, and you know when and why you will be practicing sex magick, you will want to set up yourself and your space. Light some sultry incense, dim the lights, put on some ambient music if you desire, and make sure your phone’s on silent and no alarms are set. You also want to make sure any pets/ children/ roomies know not to bother you. This is also when you will adorn yourself to feel like the sex Priest/ess you are. Wear something that makes you feel connected to your sexuality, alive in your body, and grounded in yourself. Allow this process of adornment to be inspiring.

- When you’re ready, you will ground and center in whatever way feels right and works for you. You may wish to draw in white light from the heavens, flooding this through your body, and feeling it fill you with its golden rays of purification. Feel this moving through your body, and then allow it to pool at the base of your spine. From here, visualize this light turning into golden roots that move from the base of your spine deep, deep, into the earth. From the core of the earth, these roots pull up golden light that moves up your spine, flooding your body with its purifying, healing and grounding energy. Breathe into this and feel the energies from the heavens and underworld meeting at your heart. Allow this to expand with each breath, turning into a bubble that expands in all directions and holds you in its center. This is your sphere of protection; only that which serves your highest good and that which vibrates in 100% divine light may penetrate this. This sphere also helps you in containing the energy you’re raising during sex magick until you’re ready to release it.

- You may wish to call upon any Goddesses, Gods, angels, spirit guides, animal guides, or beings who support you in this work and are aligned with your intention at this time

- Now you will begin performing sex magick. There are two ways to do this; you can either focus on your intention the entire time you’re having sex/ masturbating and then through the afterglow, or focus on your intention as you feel yourself close to climax and continue focusing on this through the climax and afterglow. You may wish to try both to see what works for you. When you’re called, you will begin having sex or masturbating, either focusing on your intention or feeling the pleasure in your body. Use your breath to help pump this energy, feeling it grow and grow at the base of your spine. As you feel yourself about to climax- or as close as possible- hold your intention in your mind’s eye and send this energy up your spine, through the crown of your head and into the universe; if you are using an image from this calendar as a talisman, gaze at this as you send your energy through the crown of your head. Stay in the afterglow as you continue visualizing your intention coming to life, feeling what it would be like for it to be true, and visualizing and believing it as such. If you’re having partnered sex and don’t climax at the same time, focus on one person at a time, repeating the visualization up the spine until everyone raises the energy and climaxes, or gets as close as they can. Stay in the afterglow as long as you want, allowing your body to buzz with this energy.

- When you’re ready to close your working, thank any Goddesses, Gods, angels, spirit guides,
animal guides, or beings who you called upon for this working, and let them know they are


- To ground and close, first feel the energy moving through your body. Breathe the energy from the underworld and earth below, down through your body, down the roots growing from your spine, back into their respective sphere underneath you. Allow these roots to dissolve into light as you feel all energy returned to the earth. Then breathe the heavenly energy within you back into the heavens above, feeling it move up and through your body. Send this through the crown of your head until all energy is returned to the heavens. Feel the sphere of protection around you, and breathe this back into your heart center, where it dissolves into pure light. If you wish, you may press your forehead into the earth, sending all excess energy back into Gaia. You’ve officially performed sex magick! Don’t forget to drink water, eat some food, and leave an offering for any Gods, Goddesses or spirits who assisted you in this working. And so it is!

Gabriela Herstik is the author of Sacred Sex, Inner Witch, Bewitching the Elements, and Embody Your Magick, as well as the essay series "Diary of A Sacred Slut". She is the Priestess of Kink Coven, a monthly full moon ritual play party for the protection and prosperity of sex workers, and resides in the City of Angels.




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